icmg conference 2018

ICMG Conference 2018

The international conference on management & Governance is an annually organized conference held once every year. This conference seeks to bring together the academia, governments and the private sector with the aim of creating synergies and sharing best practices on the need to entrench management and governance in the national curriculum in addition to promoting social enterprise for sustainable development.

This will be an excellent platform to examine past and current approaches to management & governance with a view of identifying viable options to address the emerging challenges in business management and national governance matters and embrace the available opportunities.

This Year’s theme.

Innovation & Sustainability.

ICMG conference was developed with the objective to strengthen the capacity of research institutions in the World starting with Africa. In addition, ICMG’s aim to improve dialogue between university-based researchers, Governments, research institutions and policy makers, to inform evidence-based national and regional policies feeding into the sustainable development agendas of various regions including Caribbean, West Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa, and East Africa.

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East Africa
Non E. Africa

Conference tracks

  1. Innovation Management
    • Business model innovation
    • Open innovation and networks. Innovation clusters. Innovation and regional development.
    • Innovation behavior and creativity
    • Technology transfer and innovation commercialization / New product development
    • Financial inclusion, Financial Innovation, financial disintermediation
    • Innovations in project management
    • Innovations in procurement and supply chain
    • Innovations in accounting, taxation and auditing fields
    • Innovations in Human  resource management
  2. Entrepreneurship
    • Entrepreneurial finance
    • Entrepreneurial personality
    • Micro economics / Micro economics policies
    • Entrepreneurship ecosystems
    • Strategic planning
    • Opportunities and start-ups
    • International business
    • Entrepreneurship and regional development / community entrepreneurship
    • Digital entrepreneurship
    • Family business
    • Inclusive entrepreneurship
  3. Sustainability
    • Sustainable innovations
    • Sustainable business practices
    • Social entrepreneurship
    • Ethics / Ethical leadership
    • Macroeconomics / Macroeconomics policies
    • CSR
    • Sustainable / Ecological entrepreneurship
    • Indigenous knowledge
    • Sustainable livestock and agricultural practices
    • Sustainable legal and public administration reforms
    • Sustainable religious practices
    • Sustainable peacebuilding , security and conflict management alternatives
    • Sustainable international relations initiatives
    • Sustainable computing engineering practices
    • Sustainable public health and nutrition practices
    • Sustainable environment and climate change initiatives
    • Sustainable education  and learning initiatives
    • Sustainable communication  and public relation initiatives
    • Sustainable poverty eradication and economic development practices.

icmg conference 2018

Benefits of attendance;

Conference important dates

  1. PhD and MBA scholars at the proposal level  will receive mentoring and crucial feedback on their papers.
  2. Scholars with full papers will get input on the scholarly excellence of their work
  3. Papers presented at conference will have the opportunity to be published under peer reviewed journals hosted  by a prestigious publisher IPRJB Journals and Book Publishers.
  4. Corporates and exhibitors will network with a large audience and explore the linkage between research and corporate practice
  5. Conference certificates will be provided to all
  6. An opportunity to participate in a post conference excursion to enjoy wildlife and beautiful sights only found in Kenya
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Important actions

Important datelines

Last date for Paper abstract submission February 28th 2018
Notification of paper acceptance/rejection 5th March 2018
Full paper submission deadline March 16th 2018
Early payment/registration By March 30th 2018
Normal payment/registration By April 28th 2018
Late payment/registration After April 28th 2018
Deadline for exhibition registration 30th May 2018
Conference dates June 6th, 7th and 8th 2018

icmg conference 2018

Conference Registration Charges

Fee Schedules  

Early registration


Normal registration


Late registration

East Africa community $140(KES 14000)
$150(KES 15000) $200(KES 20000)
Other regions $200(KES 20000)Register $250(KES 25000) $300(KES 30000)
Students $130(KES 13000)Register $140(KES 14000) $150(KES 15000)
Exhibitors $200(KES 20000) Register $200(KES 20000) $200

(KES 20000)

Post Conference publication $150(KES 15000) $150(KES 15000) $150(KES 15000)

icmg conference 2018

Conference Sponsor Categories

Category Features/benefits
 ICMG platinum sponsors
  • 4 delegates to the conference
  • Free accommodation in a 5 star hotel
  • Courtesy bus transfer from hotel to conference
  • Free exhibition space
  • Logo inclusion in all media releases and conference materials
  • Free tickets for the delegates to  the Excursion
  • Sponsor given 30 minutes to make presentation during the conference plenary session
  • Sponsor brochures included in the conference package
  • To be recognized in the Award Giving cocktail
 ICMG gold sponsors
  • 3 delegates to the conference
  • Free accommodation in a 5 star hotel
  • Courtesy bus transfer from hotel to conference
  • Free exhibition space
  • Logo appears in all media ads and conference materials
  • Sponsor given 15 minutes to make presentation during the conference plenary session
  • To be recognized in the Award Giving cocktail
 ICMG silver sponsors
  • 2 delegates to the conference
  • Free accommodation in a 5 star hotel
  • Courtesy bus transfer from hotel to conference
  • Exhibition space
  • Sponsor given 5 minutes to make presentation during the conference plenary session
  • Logo appears in conference materials

The main objectives of the conference are

  • To present and share scholarly research findings on innovation management and Sustainability
  • To Promote innovative projects, research and initiatives
  • To Bring together stakeholders to discuss sustainability in tourism, education, project management, HR, procurement and business at large
  • To interrogate innovation and innovative approaches to business at global level
  • To interrogate emerging innovations and identify more sustainable approaches to support their growth
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Conference Organizers

2. Finstock Evarsity: This is an online e-learning institution that allows interested international  students to pursue their desired courses online. This gives them the flexibility to study from anywhere at their convenience…

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1. IPRJB- International Peer Reviewed Journal & Book Publishing: They publish journals and books for the academic sector. All students pursuing their post-graduate or Ph.D and are required by their institutions to publish their articles can do so at IPRJB.

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